Working With Us

Barefruit provides a comprehensive solution to error traffic, enhancing the user experience and generating revenue for ISPs.

Capable of resolving the full range of DNS and HTTP errors via our market-leading relevance engine, the Barefruit service improves user's surfing experience whilst also generating an extra revenue stream for the ISP. Operating at network level, Barefruit enables ISPs to resolve error traffic across their customer base with no capital outlay.

Account Management

Barefruit provides a full account management team to work with the ISP on all aspects of the error resolution service. This team is made up of both marketing and technical experts. Continually testing and adapting the service to meet the ever-changing online advertising market, we continue to optimise the ISP's page performance to ensure that.

Reporting can be tailored to an ISPs' requirements but as standard we provide full transparency of all metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, available via a secure online interface.

The Barefruit Service

  • Offers a relevant and high-quality user experience;
  • Generates new revenue for stream;
  • Returns local results in the language of your choice;
  • Does not interfere with an ISPs normal flow of traffic, and adds no latency on ISPs network;
  • Does not install any software to an end-user's computer;