Error Resolution

Error pages account for over 6% of all internet traffic.

Traditionally users misspelling a URL in the browser address bar (such as www.brirtanica.con) will fail to reach their destination, and instead be confronted with an error page - effectively a dead end and a poor surfing experience.

How Barefruit Works

Operating at network level, Barefruit enhances this error page with relevant search listings and suggested alternative sites for a 'go-forward' user experience.

Every time an end-user types a search term (e.g. "ipod nano"), misspells a URL ( in the address bar of a web browser, or clicks on a broken link (Page Not Found), they get an error page.

Frequently a search provider produces results, via a browser plug-in, for that user. This generates revenue for the search provider if the user clicks on a paid link.

With Barefruit installed on your network, the user sees high-quality, relevant search results. Instead of the search provider receiving this revenue, the ISP gets paid every time a user clicks on a sponsored link. It's that simple. Customers find what they were looking for - and the ISP generates a new stream of revenue.

User Experience

Screenshot of Barefruit landing page